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  •   Got Jaw Pain? TMJ Awareness Month

    Two illustrations of person pressing on the side of their jaw

    For TMJ awareness month, let’s go into more detail about what TMJ disorders are, what causes them, methods of treatment, and how to prevent symptoms from progressing.

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  •   Scared of the Dentist? How to Cope

    Even if you are part of the third of the population with dental fear, going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a frightening experience! There are an abundance of ways to handle dental anxiety and dentophobia, so there is likely to be at least one method that will work for you.

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  •   Swim Away from Dental Damage This Summer

    Photo of a pool with inner tubes, with article title text: swim away from dental damage this summer

    Swimming is great for your mind and body, and it’s a fun way to increase exercise during the hot summer months. However, taking a few precautions will reduce the chance of dental erosion and staining caused by pool water. 

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  •   Better Hydration for Better Smiles

    How does drinking water affect our teeth? Here are some ways that consuming water not only increases your overall health, but your dental health, too.

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  •   Oral Cancer Awareness Month

    Oral cancer is highly preventable, but often diagnosed in later stages. Here's the warning signs and symptoms to watch for.

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  •   Matters of the Heart! and Tips to De-Stress

    Statistics show that heart disease risks increase as we get older. Starting from an early age is of course ideal, but here we are right now! We must begin making changes in our everyday lives. And here's how to start!

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  •   Warning Signs & Symptoms of Heat-Related Illnesses

    Who knew that drinking water can be very beneficial to our daily lives and help save our teeth in the process? This summer has been a hot one and it’ll keep getting hotter. While we are all outside in the hot sun having the most fun as we can, it is very important to drink enough water as we can throughout the day. 

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  •   Top 9 Health Risks Men Face

    We have Men’s Health Awareness Week coming up this month so let’s talk about it. Men’s Health Week was created in 1994 by congress to help raise awareness of preventable health problems, as well as early detection and treatment of diseases commonly found among men and boys.

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  •   The Truth About Bad Posture and Tooth Fractures

    Clenching and grinding of the teeth and jaws contribute greatly to tooth fractures, chipped teeth, and wearing down the surfaces of your teeth (short teeth).

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  •   New Year, New Beginnings

    2021 girl reading on couch 

    Resolutions tend to be easier said than done. So, start by simply trying out something new. Set small milestones, and once you have that habit built up, set a bigger one to accomplish something challenging. Now is the time, after everything we’ve been through this past year, GO FOR IT! 

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