Michael - RDH

Michael's dental hygienist career began at New York City College of Technology, where a fascination with smiles transformed into a lifelong passion. Armed with knowledge from courses in oral anatomy and microbiology, Michael embraced the role of a dental health advocate.

Beyond the routine cleanings and fluoride applications, the mission became clear: to empower patients to understand that oral health is integral to overall well-being. Connecting with individuals behind the mask, Michael discovered the profound impact of trust and compassion in the dental office.

Community outreach became a natural extension, amplifying the commitment to oral health education. Whether through school presentations or workshops, the goal was to instill a culture of preventive care within the broader community.

Challenges in the dynamic field of dentistry only fueled Michael's dedication. Adapting to advancements and continuous learning became second nature. Reflecting on a career, the relationships built, countless smiles brightened, and lives positively impacted.

Each day offers an opportunity for Michael to contribute to a healthier, happier world—one smile at a time.